Dare To Move F/W 2015 Editorial Featuring Rob Pannell
Oct 24, 2015

Fresh off a championship season with the New York Lizards, this fall we teamed up with lacrosse legend Rob Pannell for a dynamic editorial shot by Erick Hercules.

Rob: “I have done a few different types of photo shoots, but this one with Sage and Erick combined a different type of creativity, combining action and fashion, and bringing it to life with the landscape of NYC.”

Sharing beers in the Lower East Side, a collaboration was born to incorporate Rob’s powerful movements into a showcase for the release of Ace & Everett’s new collection.

Rob: "When first being introduced to Ace & Everett socks, I was intrigued by their unique patterns and colorways, along with the detail that went into designing and making each pair."

Pannell plays lacrosse with passion, beautifully executing aggressive moves to the cage with skill and grace. We wanted that same energy to shine in our shoot.

Incorporating New York City’s architecture and unique style, the collection is a fresh look at the geometric patterns seen in NYC’s urban design, subway paths, and iconic skyline.

Building on Rob’s recent transition from athlete to entrepreneur, this is the next step in Rob’s plan to build out his own brand that currently consists of equipment, shirts, and bucket hats. Rob has an eye for detail honed over years of training and peak athletic performance.

Rob: “One way in which I have been trying to develop my personal brand is through fashion. In meeting Sage and seeing the quality of product they had come up with at Ace & Everett, it was a natural fit with my brand and partnering with them to showcase my love for both lacrosse and fashion.”

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