Meet LA Photographer Scott Reyes
Sep 25, 2015

Hello, my name is Scott and I'm from Los Angeles, CA.

Why photograph? I've always been a creative person and photography is one of many outlets for me. I notice things use the tools I have to translate them and share with people. 


Who are you away from the lens? I'm riding my bike anywhere or hanging out with friends. I have friends who are heavily involved in the music scene and it's cool to watch them do their thing. LA is pretty big but once you meet the right people you see how small it really is and how everything is connected.

Favorite LA neighborhood to shoot? Downtown or Venice. Maybe Venice more just cause it's closer to the beach and you have the skatepark. The vibes there are wild.

Describe your dream shoot? I never like to plan things out. I like letting things happen organically. I don't have a dream shoot per say, but I would like to travel more. It would be cool to go back to NY and visit people or just to see the world in general. I'd really like to visit Asia, specifically Cambodia to see their ancient temples. Ta Prohm is probably my favorite temple but there are so many amazing architectural wonders out there. If it's ancient and has history, I want to see it. 

How does your work influence your art? I freelance as a photographer, but I'm also a printmaker. Photography is cool but I love seeing what media I can display it on. I've printed on paper and vinyl, but I want to print on metal eventually, or even wood. It's expensive and I only have so much equipment so I can't quite do it yet. But I'm patient. I have a feeling I'll eventually meet the right person who can help me out.
If you could shoot one female model, who would it be? I would hang with @swopes. She's a babe. But on the low I also like her work a lot. I've never met her or ever talked to her but she's successful for a reason. My mentor always says, "If you want to be a superstar online you gotta be a superstar in real life," and I think that maybe that's what she is. Her work speaks for itself, for sure.

Lakers or Clippers? C'mon really, bro? Lakers all day. We're not what we used to be but you gotta back your team through the good and the bad. That's what makes you a real fan.

Who are your favorite photographers? My favorite photographer right now is probably Eli Reed. He's well known but his shots are iconic, not the commercial ones, his personal ones. There are quite a few others I really like. Humza Deas is dope. We've never met in real life but we text every now and then. The kid has a good head on his shoulders and I admire that he's passionate about his city. I'm the same way about LA. Another favorite photographer is my buddy Chris aka @jetjaguar. His shots are insane.

He's got this one shot of a gang member looking all hard holding a shotgun, but in his other hand he's holding his daughter. I thought it was great because it shows that even though this dude might be involved in some sketchy shit he's still a dad at the end of the day, he's still a provider, he's just like you and me - just trying to get by. It's very human.

What is the favorite photo you have taken? My very first post. It's a pic of a dude with his skateboard looking back at the city skyline. I like it because I'm a dreamer and I like going after what I want. And that's what I tried to capture. Here's a dude looking at the thing that he wants. It's within arms reach and all he has to do is grab it. It's there. Whatever it is you want, I hope when people see it they feel some sort of way and can think. hey that's me!

What do you want viewers to take away from your work? I hope people fall in love with LA. I think for the most part people romanticize big cities with huge skyscrapers, but we're not that. I see so many people here only shoot downtown and it's like yo we have so much more to offer. We have the beach, we have the mountains, we have the valleys, we have the best tacos in the country, the hottest girls, and the best weather. Shit, even Jay-Z and Beyonce moved here. Why would you want to be anywhere else? 
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