5 Sins House of Cards Brought Back in Vogue
Mar 18, 2015

House of Cards, the most maniacal, powerful, and downright diabolical show on the planet. Centered around the Macbeth inspired character of Frank Underwood; the viewer gets to meet a man who knows what he wants, and stops at nothing to achieve it, isn’t that right Zoe?

In just three seasons Frank has captured America's heart, along the way reinterpreting our cultural norms and making the following 5 sins cool again.

1. White Undershirts

Frank Underwood makes old man style look boss. Whether he’s rocking boxy navy suits, white undershirts, or presumably tighty whities, he’s the most powerful man in the earth without a good tailor. I digress, it comes down to what lies beneath, a 100% cotton, fruit of the loom, vanilla white undershirt. The type both your geometry teacher and the guy in an Escalade with a Bluetooth wear as a status symbol. 

2. Adultery

Well, cats out of the bag, the Underwoods aren’t exactly “monogamous.” Frank, for all his personal control in the realm of politics, is an animal in the sack. Dirty pics, check, a mistress 1/3 his age, check, dropping unbelievable lines immediately after finishing? “Everything in life is about sex, except for sex, sex is about power,” CHECK. The weirdest thing about all Underwoods' adulterous sex is that it serves to strengthen the bonds between these two odd creatures, a not so subtle commentary on the modern American view that monogamy is essential to meaningful relationships. Paging Mr. Meechum…

3. Murder

And so it goes. In a gruesome extrapolation of the American dream, Frank will stop at NOTHING to amass power. Peter Russo, Zoe, and a number of soon to be identified bodies since I haven’t finished season 3, whoever it is, Frank just does not give a fuck. His goals are paramount to the rest of human existence, as a self-reliant man who relentlessly pursues his American dream, his flaws fade in the face of his achievements.

4. Cigs

Understood, cigarettes are terrible for your health. Statistical fact, cigarettes contribute to over 443,000 deaths per year. Social fact, they can be pretty cool. Frank and Claire’s windowsill cigarette sharing is a modern day re-enactment of Lady and the Tramp locking lips mid spaghetti and meatballs. When the world is crashing down around them, they find comfort in each other, and the old familiar taste of tobacco.

5. Lobbying

A dirtbag profession you say?!? Let’s look at Remy Danton, ok, maybe he is a dirtbag. Tall, dark, and undeniably handsome, his sharp suites are only exceeded by his intellect. Slap on a six pack you could dine off and why do people want to be investment bankers? A magnificent foil to Frank, Remy’s position includes the same political intrigue with the added perks of loose regulation and bottomless checkbooks.

The touch of humanity lining the Underwood's ice cold souls makes Frank and Claire just believable enough to capture your interest and never let it go. Hopefully the same can’t be said for the items listed above.

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