Buyer's Guide: Last Minute Gifting
Dec 18, 2014

The Holidays are a relaxing time. They come with a vacation from work, and afford us all with a few lazy days to spend with our family. But underneath this relaxation lies a tension, gift giving. Tell your family what you really want for the holidays and you run the risk of being laughed out of the room for living above your means. Buy something too small or insignificant for a loved one, and watch the frost from outside slowly creep into the room. Gifts are stressful. But because the holidays are here, we have collected a few Ace & Everett approved suggestions. Guys, forward this to anyone still asking what you want for the holidays. Or treat yourself. You’ve earned it.

Ami Red Wool Beanie

Ami consistently brings out clothing we’d like to wear. They perfectly channel Parisian cool, mixing dressy and casual in an effortless way. The man behind the brand, Alexandre Mattiussi, is rarely spotted without his signature red beanie. Perfect for the dour days of January, it’ll be a little pop of color in a cold winter. 

Good Candle Brooklyn Cedar Mason Jar Candle

These candles smell delicious. You might be thinking, “Really, a candle? That’s the kind of thing I’m going to randomly get from my Aunt without this list”. And you might be right. But your Aunt is right, too. Have you ever had friends over, then realized you hadn’t taken out the trash? Have you ever had a lady come back to your apartment, and realized your sheets should have been washed last week? This candle is your answer. Less headache inducing than incense, the cedar smell is straight out of a crisp fall night.

Ace & Everett Holiday 3 Pack

Ace & Everett just brought out a new batch of socks perfect for the winter. With sophisticated new patterns like Gramercy and Split Square, these socks can take you straight from the office to a holiday party. Take your pick, you really can’t go wrong. Add 3 socks to your cart and the third sock will be half off. Consider it our holiday gift to you.

Le Creuset French Press

Buying coffee everyday adds up. Often, going out with a co-worker for a cup of coffee is a necessary evil. It gives you a break from the office, and a delicious recharge. But anyone who loves coffee should also know how to brew a good cup themselves. One of the easiest methods to master is the French Press. Simply pour hot water over some coarse ground coffee beans, steep for a few minutes, and press. This press from Le Creuset will definitely get the job done. The stoneware construction makes it easy to clean, and the beautiful glaze means you’ll want to display it proudly on your counter (even if you only make your own coffee once a week).

Coffee Table Books


Remember when you were a kid and you didn't have to read a book in a linear manner, looking for a narrative to follow? You could just open to a random page, look at a glossy image, and then flip through the book haphazardly. Coffee table books are like that for adults. Pick one around an area of interest, and you'll find yourself casually flipping through it for years. Two books worth checking out this year are "Rock Covers" and "Boyhood: Twelve Years on Film". "Rock Covers" by Jon Kirby, Robbie Busch, and Julius Wiedeman, is a collection of over 750 12"x12" rock album covers with information about the band and art directors behind them. "Boyhood: Twelve Years on Film", collates a series of pictures taken over the 12 year period in which Richard Linklater filmed his instant classic. If these two aren't to your liking, your best bet is taking a trip to a nice bookstore and flipping through the pages yourself.

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