Meet Manny: The Mannequin Mascot
Nov 18, 2014

We found him in a dumpster.

Strolling under the Brooklyn Bridge a peculiar sight caught our attention, two porcelain feet, lazily dangling over the edge of a large trash receptacle. The party slowed as the eyes grew larger in eager anticipation.

First on the scene, yeah that’s me (thanks Aaron Carter for the transition). Hopping head first into the dumpster I found Manny. With legs for days, and a behind deserving of a @squatspro regram, Manny and I were in love.

Manny was crafted in Des Moine, Iowa, and distributed to a lovely production assistant at Barney's. As a youthful mannequin, he had been the talk of the town, seen up and down 5th Avenue sporting Prada, Gucci, and every other luxury brand under the sun.

As time wore on, the inevitable sunk in. Younger, slimmer mannequins slowly stole his window spots, and with them his pride. Then one day he was gone, replaced, hastily removed from his store by a large man with a beer stained tank top and a well-worn back brace.

In the coming days, over coffee, crumpets, and a few too many glasses of red wine, I learned why Manny had been saved from a landfill: to give the people what they want. High quality, American made socks unique enough for the incredible people who populate this planet.

To help Manny live his dream, every time an image is posted by @aceandeverett’s Instagram or Facebook page featuring Manny, the specific sock he has on will be available that day for 30% off.  

So take a chance, when was the last time you put your trust in an inanimate object?

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